We have compiled the most frequently asked questions around our storage and removals services. If you have specific questions just contact us and we will answer any question you may have.

How much does it cost to rent storage in Mijas?

Firstly you need to decide the storage required, prices are based on m² of floor space taken, you can store from as little as 1m² to gigantic 100m² (bigger than the largest shipping container (2 times over)). You can find the price of our storage here.

At what times can I access my stored items?

For security we operate an appointment system, you just need to let us know the day before and we will be there.

Are the storage facilities secure?

We have 24/7/365 Monitored, recorded digital CCTV systems with motion detection and monitored alarm services, our facility is also secured by heavy steel entrance door and only one way in and out, each room is then secured with steel doors which only you have the key to.

Are the storage facilities dry?

Unlike shipping containers (which suffer terrible condensation/damp) and some other self storage facilities we have pumped and circulated air system and our facilities are indoors not in a field like a container.

What is the minimum storage rental period?

We offer monthly rental contracts, paid monthly in advance. We offer discounts for those clients who pay for storage 6 months or 12 months upfront.

What is the internal height of the storage rooms?

Our self storage trasteros are 3.0m in height, many are only 2m high so you gain an extra 50% storage with our self storage rooms.

What is a m²?

For self storage rooms they are charged by their size which is calculated in m², so what is a m²?

Measure out on the floor a space of 1m x 1m, that is 1m². our rooms are 3m high so 1m² gets you 3m³ - which is the height x width x depth - you can get a lot into even our smallest self storage room. You can get 3 washing machines into 1m³!

I have some heavy items, is there anyone available to help me?

Yes, by arrangement, and charged on an hourly basis we can be there to assist with our waiter service to do the lifting for you.

What happens to my larger items?

We have a range of self storage rooms available so the chances are we have a room that will fit your larger items, if not, we can store your items in our own secure space labelled and noted on a seperate sheet. Our units are 3m tall and doors 1m wide is unusual for even large items not to go in, but, we have you covered in the event they don't.

What cannot be stored?

Unfortunately there are certain items that cannot be allowed into the self storage rooms, these include: Poisonous, flammable or corrosive items such as fuels, paints, varnishes, insecticides, bleach, oils, matches, candles, propane, butane, paint thinners, aerosol cans & cleaning chemicals, Illegal items, Perishable goods that may attract vermin such as food, Furniture that contains woodworm or termites, Firearms or ammunition, Animals, Live plants, Drugs, Jewelry and Original documents such as insurance policies, wills, birth certificates.

I need to get items removed and placed into storage from my home but have no transport, can you help?

Yes, we offer a full removal, packing, inventory service if require, billed on an hourly basis, either 1 or 2 person teams. Once we have collected we will place your items for you into one of our store rooms.