There are a number of ways and options available when it comes to storage and self storage and how and where you store your items. Below we will go over some of the storage options available around Mijas and Fuengirola with some of the pro's and cons' of the storage options.

Types of storage

Storage - self storage

Self storage is suitable for storing all types of items, furniture, boxes, etc.  Being self storage you bring the items to the storage unit where you have your own private self storage room inside with your own secure access.  Self storage rooms come in various sizes and are usually quotes in square meters (m2) which is the floor space utilised, sometimes though also quotes in cubic meters (m3) which is the volume, so it is the space used, width x height x depth.  Self storage rooms are ideal for storing items you may require regular access to, as, you have your own access codes and can come and go typcially as you desire (within office hours) and with arrangement outside office hours.  Eco-Trastero offer a self storage option with room sizes from 3 to 50m2.

Storage - collected storage

Collected storage is similar to self storage but is more suited to clients who are unable to get their items to the storage units or have outsized items that will simply not fit in their cars. With collected storage we come to you, we collect, we store and when you require it back we deliver it. This differs from self storage in that you do not generally have direct access to the storage facility without appointment. Storage can be from 1m2 to 100m2. There is a charge for collection and delivery that is worked out by the hour and dependant on if you require 1 or 2 people to be able to move your items. Your items are stored in the same way as self storage, secure, 24/7/365 monitored CCTV and alarm systems for peace of mind.

Storage - crated storage

Crated storage are wooden boxes, typically about 2m x 1.5m and about 7m3 in voloume. With a wooden crate storage you put your items into the wooden crate and then it gets sealed shut and usually stacked using fork lifts. They are not generally good for items you need easy access to and can work out costly, also, larger items will not fit in as they are a defined size, so are limited in what can be stored. Eco-Trastero do not offer crated storage as we feel self storage and collected storage is more practicle in that any size items can be stored and access is easier for our clients, and, our prices are considerably less than crated storage providers.

Storage - container storage

Container storage are large metal containers often in a field (not always very secure, but there are exceptions), they typically come in 2 sizes, 33m3 and 64m3 - they are suitable for storing large furniture items, but can work out difficult to work with as if you need access to your items the item you often require is at the back of a container so you have to empty the container to get to it. Containers also being of metal construction tend to suffer with condensation and damp, so are better suited for short term storage before items get damp and damaged. You should also carefully check out security of the container site, as it is not very hard to break into a container even with a padlock on it, they are public and exposed. Eco-Trastero do not offer container storage for the reasons listed.