A lot of what we willl state in our self store packing guide may seem obvious once you read it, but, you would be amazed at how many people don't do the basics and regret it later.

Small / Loose items

Small items, books, cds, dvds, clothes, crockery etc should ideally all be packed into strong double ply boxes (not the rubbish single ply that collapse and the bottoms fall out, they are a false economy).

Don't overload a box in terms of weight, even the best boxes will collapse, bottoms will drop out, nobody can lift them safely, so mix the heavier items with lighter items. No box should really be more than about 15kg.

Label the boxes with your name and a unique number, then on a sheet of paper write down the box number and make a note of what you put in that box. Trust us, you will put your stuff into storage and then want to get one item out, and, if you have not made notes you won't have a clue what box it is in, and you know it will be in the last box you open!

Fragile items

Items that are fragile should be properly protected. Crockery / ornaments should be wrapped in paper or bubble wrap (paper is more ecological), placed then into strong boxes, ideally then you would use towels or clothes around them to further protect.

Mirrors / Pictures should be very well protected. You should ideally wrap in bubble wrap, you would also ideally get a good strong piece of card the size of the front face and you would put the card on, the wrap in bubble wrap and then tape it all up in tape marked "fragile".


Furniture should be dis-assembled as much as possible, legs off tables, legs off beds, screws, dowlings, shelf supports removed, bagged up and taped inside a draw or other sensible location.

Dis-assembling furniture will not only help protect your items (screws left in shelves will no doubt scratch your furniture or rip your sofa, or, get ripped out and break that piece, but, it will also save on storage space, saving you money.

Glass table tops or glass shelves should be treated like mirrors and pictures, using card, bubble wrap etc, otherwise you will put down your piece of glass on it's edge and it will inevitably chip the edge.

At Eco-Trastero we offer a collection / removal service.. At times our collection service can be free, but, if our free collection service is used we do ask that all the above is taken care of, it is a collection service for us to collect and place into storage for you, not a packing and removal service. We are able to offer a full packing and removal service, that is charged on an houlry basis, rates can be seen here.

Why Eco-Trastero

Easy Access

Centrally located and we are on hand to meet with you when you need.

24/7 CCTV surveillance

Motion detection 24 hour recording CCTV + alarmed.

Flexible room sizes

Flexible storage - store what you need, pay only for what you store. We only charge for the space taken, no paying for a larger room than you need!

Equipment on site

Various trolleys are available to aide loading/unloading, and we are on hand to help should you require it through our waiter service.

No long term contracts

Rent without "permanencia", rental terms from just 1 month.

Centrally located

Located centrall in Mijas Golf, but out of town to make it more tranquil.

Waiter service

Need help loading/unloading, we can provide a waiter service to do the lifting for you.

Removal service

No transport, vehicle not large enough? We offer a removal service to collect or deliver your items.

Working out your storage space

We all know that m² and m³ can be a little hard to get your head around and visualise, so, just how much storage space do i need?

Space calculator
self storage in Mijas, Spain

More room size options

self storage mijas

Small (1 to 7m²)

Small self storage rooms (1 to 7m²) suitable for general storage, apartment size.

office self storage mijas

Medium (8 to 12m²)

Medium self storage rooms (8 to 12m²) suitable for 2-3 bedroom apartments/house.

mijas self storage removals

Large (13m² +)

Large (13m² +) suitable for the largest of storage needs.