At Eco-Trastero we offer super economical storage that is safe, secure and dry. Protected with 24x7x365 CCTV surveillance, and state of the art alarm.

With flexible storage from 1m² upto 50m² we can cater for any storage need. Our ceilings are 3m high so a 1m² floor space gives you 3m³ storage! Some companies charge per m³, we charge per m², that is a BIG difference!

self storage mijas

Small (1 to 3m²)

Small storage needs (1 to 3m²) (3 to 9m³) suitable for general storage, studio apartments size.  7m³ is the same as a wooden crate offered by other storage companies.

office self storage mijas

Medium (4 to 10m²)

Medium storage (4 to 10m²) (12 to 30m³) suitable for 2-4 bedroom apartments/houses.  30m³ is the equivilant of 1.5 luton vans - ample for sofas, beds, etc.

mijas self storage removals

Large (11m² +)

Large (11m² +) (33m³ +) suitable for the largest of storage needs, the largest shipping container is 73m³ so our largest storage room is bigger than 2 of the very biggest shipping containers!

Working out your storage space

We all know that m² and m³ can be a little hard to get your head around and visualise, so, just how much storage space do i need?

Space calculator
self storage in Mijas, Spain

Safe, secure, dry self storage in the heart of Mijas Golf. Rooms from 1 to 50m². No long term commitments. Lowest cost in the area.