At Eco-Trastero we a range of trastero sizes from 2 to 50m².

We have various trastero sizes, 2 to 7m² (you can store less, but our minimum charge is for 2m²).

We appreciate that it is not always easy to visualise m² and m³. To give some understanding, a washing machine is 0.33m³, so in 1m³ you could store 3 washing machines. 9m³ (our 4m² room) is over half a Ford Transit van and 7m² is the size of one of the largest vans. Many of the non self storage companies give you a wood crate to put your items in, the industry standard on those is 7m³, so our small room is the same as one of those wooden crates (but under half the going rate on those and you have easy access (as they tend to be sealed once filled and loaded on on top of the other by fork lift)).

So in a 1m² room you could store around 35 average sized boxes (72 litre).

1-3 m²:

16.00 /m²

€ + IVA / mth
self storage mijas

You can get around 30 boxes into a m² (72 litre), suitale for sporting equipment and seasonal items like the Xmas tree, skiis, and smaller items of furniture.

4-7 m²:

15.00 /m²

€ + IVA / mth
self storage mijas

Suitable storing items from a an apartment, sofa, baeds, boxes, washing machine etc. 7m² is about the size of a large van, suitable for a number of furniture items.

Why Eco-Trastero

Easy Access

Centrally located and we are on hand to meet with you when you need.

24/7 CCTV surveillance

Motion detection 24 hour recording CCTV + alarmed.

Flexible room sizes

Flexible storage - store what you need, pay only for what you store. We only charge for the space taken, no paying for a larger room than you need!

Equipment on site

Various trolleys are available to aide loading/unloading, and we are on hand to help should you require it through our waiter service.

No long term contracts

Rent without "permanencia", rental terms from just 1 month.

Centrally located

Located centrall in Mijas Golf, but out of town to make it more tranquil.

Waiter service

Need help loading/unloading, we can provide a waiter service to do the lifting for you.

Removal service

No transport, vehicle not large enough? We offer a removal service to collect or deliver your items.

More room size options

self storage mijas

Small (1 to 7m²)

Small self storage rooms (1 to 7m²) suitable for general storage, apartment size.

office self storage mijas

Medium (8 to 12m²)

Medium self storage rooms (8 to 12m²) suitable for 2-3 bedroom apartments/house.

mijas self storage removals

Large (13m² +)

Large (13m² +) suitable for the largest of storage needs.

Working out your storage space

We all know that m² and m³ can be a little hard to get your head around and visualise, so, just how much storage space do i need?

Space calculator
self storage in Mijas, Spain

Safe, secure, dry self storage in the heart of Mijas Golf. Rooms from 1 to 50m². No long term commitments. Lowest cost in the area.